Launching Virtual Machines

Launch Instance

You are now ready to Launch your instance! Click the blue launch instance button.

launch button

Your instance will now be built according to the configuration options we just set. The Instances page will list your instance’ details, along with some status information.

The screenshot depicts mulitple instances in the list, but you will only have one in your list.

Launch Building

Once the Status becomes Active your instance is ready.

Launch success

You have now successfully launched a Virtual Machine using the Nectar Research Cloud dashboard; Nectar has given your instance an IP address, that you will need to connect to your instance.

If using the QCIF Availability Zone, you will have two IP addresses, one that says QLD and the other QLD data. The QLD data network is to allow an instance to access QRIScloud’s RDS collections. Only instances which are permitted to access these collections need to configure and use the QLD data IP address. A typical Virtual Machine setup does not need to use this, only the QLD IP address is required.

High five!

High Five

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