Launching Virtual Machines


What is Launching

In Nectar you can create your own Virtual Machines. We call it Launching. From your Nectar dashboard it is easy to start the launch dialog, and from there it is straightforward to create a basic Virtual Machine.

In this tutorial you’ll step through the Launch dialog to configure and launch a Virtual Machine. And just in case you’re wondering: yes, we use the word Instance a lot. In Nectar it is synonymous with Virtual Machine.

Other words you may be unfamiliar with are Image, essentially a template file of an entire virtual machine and flavor which we use to indicate a few measures that together make up the “size” of a virtual machine.

Cloud Starter
This tutorial is part of the Nectar Cloud Starter curriculum. You should be familiar with the absolute basics of Security Groups, you should have a Keypair and you should have terminal software installed on your machine. If you think you need help with any of that, you should complete Cloud Starter tutorials before you start here.

What you’ll learn

  • Launch a Virtual Machine in your Nectar Project

What you’ll need