Cloud Starter Series


The Cloud Starter Series consists of the following tutorials, which you can work through at your own pace.

Setting up prerequisites

Security groups, the absolute basics

Get ready to launch with the bare minimum ssh Security Group for your Nectar instance.
Duration: 15 minutes

Creating a keypair for use in Nectar

Understanding Public-Private Keypairs in the Nectar Research Cloud.
Duration: 16 minutes

Launching and connecting

Launching Virtual Machines

Launching a virtual machine using the Nectar dashboard and the launch dialog
Duration: 25 minutes

Access using SSH and VNC

Access your Virtual Machine’s command line using your Terminal and SSH and web-based VNC console.
Duration: 17 minutes

Rebooting, Deleting, Rebuilding, Resizing

Making changes to existing instances. Learn to reboot, resize, rebuild and delete instances.
Duration: 32 minutes

The command line and software

Command line, sudo and apt

Find your way around your instance from the command line. Learn to use admin privileges and install and maintain software.
Duration: 35 minutes


Moving data

Learn some basic ways of copying data to and from your Nectar instance.
Duration: 18 minutes

Working with allocations

Allocation Management

Understand, manage and maintain an allocation in the Nectar Research Cloud
Duration: 23 minutes

Up Next:

3. Next Steps