Cloud Starter Series

Next Steps

In this Tutorial Series you have learnt the basics of cloud computing in the Nectar Research Cloud. We hope you have enjoyed learning and have the skills and confidence to run a basic Virtual Machine in the cloud, install the software that you need and do your research.

From here you can make things easier (check out our tutorial on Applications for instance), or better (e.g. add Volume Storage and Move your data around) or much more sophisticated (e.g. implementing Advanced Networking).

Running Analysis? Looking to do scripting?
We’re here to teach you specifics about the Cloud, but if you’re looking for tutorials on analysis, shell scripting and more, the Software Carptentries have you covered! View their site here.

Writing Software?
While using the Nectar Cloud, you may write software for your research. Consider making it more visible, reusable and citable, thanks to our resource list here.

Series Complete!

You have completed this Series of Tutorials. Return to the tutorials home page to explore other tutorials.

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