Advanced Networking


With the introduction of Advanced Networking, users of the Nectar Research Cloud have the ability to create private networks within their respective projects (subject to quota allowance). Private networks are completely isolated and are unique to the project in which they are created. Each private network can span supporting sites across the Nectar Research Cloud, meaning that compute instances from multiple availability zones can be connected together over a private link.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to check availability and quota of Networking resources
  • What is Classic vs Advanced Networking
  • How to create a Private Network
  • How to create a Router
  • Obtain, attach and re-attach floating IP-Addresses
  • How to make changes

What you’ll need

  • Understanding of core networking concepts. Read this..
  • Access to a Nectar Project with an allocation for Networks, Routers and Floating IP-addresses
  • Access to and understanding of the openstack and neutron Command Line interfaces.

Up Next:

2. Quota