DNS with the Nectar DNS service

Nectar DNS, In a nutshell

The Nectar DNS Service provides Domain Name System (DNS) services to your Nectar Research Cloud projects, either by creating records manually or through automation by the API.

Nectar Provided Zone

For new projects and projects with allocations being renewed, a Nectar provided DNS zone will be created automatically for your project to use. The zone name will be based on your given project name, and will be available for you to create records in right away. The zone name will end with .cloud.edu.au

Bring Your Own Zone

The Nectar DNS service can also host a domain name you currently own.

If you do choose to host your domain with us, for the entries to resolve properly you will need to set the Nameserver records of your domain to:

ns1.rc.nectar.org.au (
ns2.rc.nectar.org.au (

Many institutions have service agreements in place with domain name service providers, and will typically require that you use the approved service providers when using an institution domain name (eg. your-uni.edu.au). Please contact your institution IT services team for details.

Using the Nectar DNS Service

To use the service, we offer a few methods:

You will require your Nectar OpenStack password for CLI, Python bindings, and direct API access.

The Nectar DNS service supports Designate API v2 only.

Nectar Dashboard and CLI

We will show you how to access DNS service functions using the dashboard and CLI coming up in this tutorial.

Python Bindings

The python-designateclient package provides the Python bindings required to interact with the Nectar DNS service though the Python programming language.

Please see the OpenStack Python Bindings reference material.

API Reference

If you would like to interact with the HTTP REST API directly, you can find the OpenStack API Documentation