DNS with the Nectar DNS service


You can use the Nectar DNS Service to add Domain Name System (DNS) services to your Nectar Research Cloud projects. The Nectar DNS Service is based on the OpenStack DNS as a Service project, Designate.

For new projects and projects with allocations being renewed, a Nectar provided DNS zone will be created automatically for your project to use. The zone name will be based on your given project name, typically [yourproject].cloud.edu.au, and will be available for you to create records in right away.

The Nectar DNS service can also host a domain name you currently own. If you would like Bring Your Own Zone to the Nectar DNS service, please send an email request to support@nectar.org.au and we will create the zone for you.

Once you have a zone created for your project, you are free to create and delete any records you wish within this zone.

What you’ll learn

  • Managing DNS services for your Nectar project
    • using the Nectar dashboard
    • using the OpenStack CLI (optional)

What you’ll need

  • Access to a Nectar project
  • An understanding of the Nectar OpenStack CLI