Backup and Restore a Database Instance

In this lesson, we will learn how to backup a Database Instance, and then restore it.

The Database backups are saved to Nectar’s Object Storage Service, so you will need sufficient Object Storage quota to cover all of the backups that you intend to keep.

Create a Database Backup

  1. Navigate to the Project / Database / Instances page instance page
  2. Find the database instance tutorial and click the Create Backup button to start the Backup Database Dialog.
  3. Enter tutorial_backup in Name field and select tutorial in Database Instance dropdown list. Database backup dialog
  4. Click Create Backup button.
  5. Wait until the backup process is finished and you should see the database backup is listed under Project / Database / Backups. Database backup list page

Restore a Database Backup

The way to restore a Backup is to create a new Database Instance with the Backup as its initial state. You can do this by following the steps for Launching a database (from the previous lesson), with one additional step:

  1. Navigate to the Project / Database / Instances page
  2. Click the Launch Instance button to start the Create Database Instance dialog.
  3. Select the appropriate Availability Zone from drop down list, enter the Instance Name, and select the database version from the Datastore dropdown.
  4. Click the Initialize Databases tab and enter the Initial Databases, Initial Admin User, Password and Allowed Host fields.
  5. Click the Advanced tab and select Restore from Backup as the Source for initial state. Then select the name of the Backup that you want to use from the Backup Name pulldown list.
  6. Click the Launch button. A new Database Instance will be created and populate from the Backup that you provided.

You can also initiate a Database restore by going to the Project / Database / Backups page, and running the Restore Backup action. This starts the Launch Instance dialog (as above) with many of the fields pre-propulated from the Backup’s metadata.