Launch and backup a MySQL database instance

Launch a MySQL database

  1. Log on to the Nectar Dashboard and ensure you’re working in the right project (Use the project selector on the top left-hand side)
  2. Navigate to the Project / Database / Instances page
  3. Click the Launch Instance button to start the Create Database Instance dialog.
  4. Select the appropriate Availability Zone from drop down list and supply the name tutorial for the Instance Name field. Select the latest of version of MySQL in the Datastore drop down list. Database instance dialog details tab
  5. Click the Initialize Databases tab. Enter tutorial in the Initial Databases field. Enter admin in Initial Admin User field. Enter a strong password in the Password field. Database instance dialog initialize tab

Ideally, for security reasons, you should provide a specific host IP address in the Allowed Host field to limit access to your database instance or launch your database instance on a private network. See the Advanced Networking tutorial for more information.

  1. Click Launch button.
  2. Once the building process is finished, you should see your instance become Active. It is now ready to use. Database instance list page

Create a backup

Database backups are stored in Nectar object storage. Your Nectar project will need object storage quota sufficient to hold your backups.

  1. Navigate to the Project / Database / Instances page Database instance list page
  2. Find the database instance tutorial and click the Create Backup button to start the Backup Database Dialog.
  3. Enter tutorial_backup in Name field and select tutorial in Database Instance dropdown list. Database backup dialog
  4. Click Backup button.
  5. Wait until the backup process is finished and you should see the database backup is listed under Project / Database / Backups. Database backup list page