Nectar have packaged some cloud-ready applications into the Application Catalog available from your Nectar dashboard. You can browse the catalog and compose your own application environments running on the Nectar Research Cloud.

In this tutorial you’ll step through the Quick Deploy process for configuring and deploying an application from the catalog. Our example will be an R-Studio application. It gives secure access to a community edition R-Studio server, Shiny server as well as remote-desktop-based access via either your browser or X2Go.

You should have a Keypair registered in your Nectar account. If you think you need help with that, you should complete our keypair tutorial before you start here.

What you’ll learn

  • Deploy an application environment in your Nectar Project

What you’ll need

  • Keypair registered in your Nectar account
  • X2Go software (optional)
  • Access to a volume storage allocation (optional)