Allocation Management

Delegate the project-manager role

To help ensure that your project doesn’t expire, you can also share the project-manager role with other users in your project. All users in the project that have the project-manager role will be notified of the stages of expiry by the Expiry Bot, and they have access to the Amend/Extend allocation button for the project via the My Requests page.

To share/delegate the project-manager-role you need to take two steps:

  1. If the user you would like to share the project-manager role with isn’t in your project, then you need to add them as a Member to your project using the User Management feature.
  2. To assign the project-manager role to a Member of your project you need to contact Nectar support

Add Members

To add members to your project, follow these steps:

  1. On you nectar dashboard ensure you have the correct project selected in the Project selector
  2. Navigate to the Identity | Project Members page
  3. Click the Add button to open the Add User to Project dialog
  4. Enter the user’s Username (i.e. the email address) and click the Add User to Project button

Note the User’s usename must be an existing account in Nectar. If you are unsure, ask the user to log in to Nectar and use the email address they have in the top right hand corner of the dashboard.

Adding a Project Member

Contact Nectar support

To assign the project-manager role to an existing user in your project, you or another project-manager needs to contact Nectar Support. You can use the Support Ticket link from your dashboard, send an email to or log a ticket on, requesting that the specified project member (be sure to include their details) be assigned the project manager role, and whether you yourself need to retain project-manager status.

Note that Nectar will only accept requests for assigning the project-manager from existing project-managers or from the Chief Investigator as listed in the project allocation request.