Allocation Management

Allocation Process and Projects

To get a full-fledged project allocated to you, you need to apply for an allocation using the Allocations | New Request-form available from your Nectar dashboard. Once approved you will be informed by email and you will be the project manager of your new project.

Allocation request

To be eligible for a Nectar national allocation you have to submit details of your nationally relevant grant or funding program; this is part of our Research Cloud National Allocation Scheme. If you don’t have such a grant, then you may still be allocated cloud resources by the participating nodes under node discretion, by specifying a Allocation home location in your request.

In your request you need to specify the cloud resources that you intend to use. If you’re not perfectly sure just yet, then that’s all right. You will be able to request amendments to your project. We’ll describe that below.

More info can be found in the section Allocations in our knowledge base, including our current Research Cloud National Allocation Scheme (RC-NAS) Policy

Allocation requester and project manager

The user that requests an allocation/project will automatically become both a Member and the Project Manager of that project when it is approved.

Project managers have access to a few functions that ordinary project members don’t have:

  • User management
  • Project listed in My Requests, Amend/Extend ability
  • Allocation and Expiry process communications

Occasionally you might come across the term tenancy or tenant-manager. These are deprecated words meaning project and project manager respectively.