Allocation Management


Allocations, Quota, Resources, Accounts, Projects… These are some of the words that we use here at Nectar to help you and other Nectar users organise access to the Nectar Research Cloud. Making the most of the Nectar Research Cloud requires that you familiarise yourself with this language and with the associated processes.

Nectar Cloud resources are granted to you in periods of up to a year. An automated expiry process will recover unused and unclaimed resources and the recovered resources can then be granted out to researchers just like yourself.

Warning Familiarise yourself with the expiry process, to prevent surprise deletions of your hard work and data.

Antarctica and Amazon (the rainforest) The Expiry Bot diligently executes the expiry process. It does not know of your field trips to Antarctica or the Amazon rainforest, or any other places where wifi-access or your attention to emails may be limited. Make sure you have arranged extensions for your projects if you happen to be away for extended periods or delegate your project manager role to another user.

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding accounts, allocations, projects, resources and quota
  • Requesting and Amending allocations
  • Understanding Service Units and calculating a Service Unit Budget
  • Allocation expiry
  • Delegating the Project Manager role to another user

What you’ll need

  • A Nectar Research Cloud account, or access to the AAF to get one.