Virtual Desktop Service


The Virtual Desktop Service is an easy way for researchers to access the Nectar Cloud with a desktop interface ready to use. All users need to do is select the Operating system, and what resources they would like to use. For more detailed specifications, you can read our support article here.

What you’ll learn

  • How to log in to the Virtual Desktop
  • How to manage your Desktop (reboot, shelve, delete, boost)
  • How to complete general tasks and maintenence
  • How to connect your CloudStor storage to your Virtual Desktop

What you’ll need

  • View the Cloud Prereading tutorial sections 1-4.
  • Standard web browser & internet connection on your computer
  • Your University/Institutional login credentials

Australian Access Federation
Your access to Nectar Cloud services with your institutional login are facilitated through AAF (Australian Access Federation). If you do not have access through AAF, click here for other options.