Prereading for beginners

How do I access it?

There are two aspects to accessing the Nectar Cloud, an Administrative aspect, and the Technical aspect.

Administrative Checklist

Having an University/Institutional email

  • This is what you will use to log in.

Access your trial project

  • Everyone with an AAF email address receives a free project trial. When you log in to the dashboard for the first time, your Nectar Cloud account is created, and your project trial starts. You will have a small amount of resources to use in the Cloud to help decide if it’s for you. More information about the length and size of your trial resources, can be found here.

Fill out an Allocation Request form

  • If you decide to use the Nectar Cloud for your research, you would then fill in an allocation request form, and your request would be assessed. Read more information about submitting a request here. To learn more about the process regarding Nectar Project allocations, including expiry, amending and extending, read this important tutorial here.

Technical aspect

There are some new things you’ll need to learn:

  • New Terminology
  • Using the Command Line
  • Security principles and tools
  • Navigating the Nectar Dashboard and Software for file transfer.