Rebooting, Deleting, Rebuilding, Resizing


Virtual Machines in the Nectar Research Cloud are very flexible. You have control over the size and number of instances you launch in your project. Occasionally you’ll have reason to reboot your instance. If you didn’t really get your instance quite right on your first try, you can rebuild it with a different image, or a resize it to a different flavour. When you’re done with an instance you can just delete it.

What you’ll learn

  • Life-cycle events of your instance: Rebooting, Resizing, Rebuilding, Deleting.
  • Use the Instance Action Menu Button

What you’ll need

  • Some spare capacity in your Nectar Research Cloud account for launching a trial instance and/or resizing an instance.

Setting up
As we will be quite destructive in the sections Rebuilding and Deleting below, we strongly recommend that you launch a new instance specifically for the purpose of this tutorial.

Up Next:

2. Rebooting