X11 Forwarding

Install X server

For X11 forwarding in SSH to work on your computer, an X server must be installed and running. The X server is a software package that manages the connection between the remote graphical application and your computer. It receives the input from your computer and renders the graphical interface.

Most Linux systems will have an X server installed, so you really don’t need to do anything. However, if your computer is running Windows or macOS, you will need to install and run an X server application.

Installation of X server on Windows

In Windows, you can download and install Xming X server. For X11 forwarding to work, you will need to start Xming before connecting to the virtual machine with your SSH Client.

  1. Download the Xming to a folder and double click the installer to start the installaltion process.

    Xming Download Page

  2. Following the steps in the Xming Setup Wizard to finish the installation.

    Xming Setup Wizard Page

  3. In the Windows Security Alert window, click Allow access button to config firewall to allow Xming network connection.

    Xming Firewall Alert Page

Installation of X server on macOS

For macOS, download and install XQuartz X server. For X11 forwarding to work, you will need to start XQuartz first before making an SSH connection to the virtual machine. Download the XQuartz and install it in your macOS.