This tutorial will show you how to use Kubernetes on the Nectar Research Cloud.

What you’ll learn

  • Create a Kubernetes cluster using Magnum
  • Create a service using Pods
  • Create a Loadbalancer to allow external access to your service
  • Use a ReplicaSet for High Availability
  • Scale your cluster
  • Use Cinder volumes for storage

What you’ll need


Magnum is the project for the Container Orchestration Engine (COE) Service in OpenStack. It enables you to deploy different COE such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and Apache Mesos.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will only be using Kubernetes, which is tested and supported by Nectar. There are no restriction on using other COEs, however they are unsupported at this point.

Kubernetes Tutorial

Kubernetes has a great documentation site, which will cover many of the same concepts as what we have here.

The purpose of this tutorial is not to replicate what Kubernetes have, but to show how you can use Nectar Research Cloud to set up a Kubernetes cluster quickly, and how to integrate native OpenStack services like Cinder into Kubernetes.