Security practices on the Nectar Cloud

On your local computer

There are a few simple things you can do on your local computer to enhance security.

Keeping your software and operating system updated

Similar to advice before, don’t ignore those update reminders your computer gives you! You can also navigate to your settings to check this.

Using a password manager

It is difficult to keep track of all the different passwords required, especially when they are complex secure ones (not something like 1234). You can use a password manager to help keep track of them all. There are various different versions available, we will let you decide which is best for you.

Two factor authentication

This allows for a secondary form of authentication when logging into your accounts, usually a code or number sent to you via app or text message.While Nectar itself does not offer two factor authentication, most likely your institution does, and majority of services used online do. At the very least you should use this for your institutional account. Get in touch with your IT team to learn more.

Use institutional VPN

Most universities/institutions offer a virtual private network (VPN) to use. Get in contact with your local IT team for more details.

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