Using the dashboard

In this section, we are going to create our orchestration stack using the Nectar Research Cloud dashboard.

Creating the stack

  1. From the Nectar Dashboard, navigate to the Project / Orchestration / Stacks page. menu
  2. Click the Launch Stack button to start the Launch dialog. Select template dialog
  3. Ensure the Template Source field is set to File, then click the Choose File button to select the basic_template.yaml file from the previous page.
  4. Click Next button and provide a name in the the Stack Name field. Launch stack dialog
  5. Provide an Availability Zone in the field that you have access to.
  6. Choose a flavor, image and an SSH key for the remaining fields. Note that defaults from your template have already been provided.
  7. Click Launch button.

The orchestration service will now create the resources defined in the template and the Status column in the Stacks table should show Complete once it’s done.

Launch complete

If you navigate to the Project / Compute / Instances page and you should now see your compute instance running.

Instance view

From the Instance Actions menu, if you choose the Edit Security Groups item, you should see that the orchestation engine has also created a new security group and applied it to your instance.

Deleting the stack

From the Project / Orchestration / Stacks page, select the tickbox to the left of your running stack and choose the Delete Stacks button.

delete stacks

The orchestration engine will clean the resources in the reverse order, ready for us to use the command line tools in the next section.