Moving data

FileZilla - GUI apps

Command line applications are great, and can easily be automated and scheduled using standard interfaces. Some people prefer graphical tools (aka software).

Filezilla is a graphical tool for moving data. We’ll be using SFTP to create a connection to our instance and move some data there and back.

Filezilla is one of many options for graphical data moving tools. Other popular options include Cyberduck (cross platform) and WinSCP

Add private key

Before you connect, you need to let FileZilla know about which private key to use.

  1. On the program menu, go to edit, then settings.

Filezilla menu

On the left hand side, select SFTP, then click add key file... In the window that appears, navigate to your private key file location, and click open.

  1. menu area

Let’s connect

Now, you can fill in the ‘Quick Connection’ details at the top of the main window. We have a filled in example in the screenshot as well.

  1. Add your Host information, this is the IP address of your instance.
  2. Add your Username, which is based on what Operating System/Image you chose at setup of your instance, in this tutorial, we chose Ubuntu, so our username is ubuntu. For other images’ usernames, read this article here.
  3. For the Port, we add 22 as we are using the SSH method to connect.
  4. Lastly, then click Quick Connect

Quick Connect Dialog Box

If successful, you will see the file structure of your Cloud Computer on the right side. If it does not work, there will be clues in the status bar as to the error. You can also ask our friendly digital help desk team as well.

We’ll let you work out how to Double click, or Drag-and-drop files, Create remote directories, Upload files, Save/Reuse session data and Disconnect for yourself on your particular platform.

Up Next:

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