Intermediate Security Groups

Creating Security Groups

Security Groups can be managed via the Nectar Dashboard by choosing Security Groups from the navigation menu, under Project -> Network

Separate across projects
Your security groups are separate across your Cloud projects. For example, if you created some security groups in your Project Trial, these would not appear in other projects you are a member of.

Adding a new Security Group

Simply choose the Create Security Group button from the top navigation menu. You will be guided to provide a name for your new Security Group and an optional description.

Managing Security Group rules

Click Manage Rules button from the actions list for the security group you wish to manage. From this page, you can add or delete rules using the buttons provided.

Adding a new Security Group rule

To add a new rule, click the Add Rule button

Add security group rule

There are a number of fields presented that are significant here. Depending on your choices, the required fields will change.


You can choose either a common pre-defined service (like HTTP, SSH, etc) or a custom option, depending on your requirements. Custom TCP and UDP rules will require port numbers for their rules, but other protocols do not.


You can choose from either Ingress or Egress. You will most likely want to choose ingress here to filter incoming traffic. By default, all egress traffic is allowed.

Open Port

You can choose one of the following options;

  • Port: For a single port.
  • Port Range: For a range of ports.
  • All ports: All ports for a given protocol.


The port number you wish to allow acces for. If you chose a port range, you would be required to provide a From Port and a To Port instead.


You have the option of CIDR or Security Group here. These options are explained in detail in the next pages.