Moving data

Cyberduck - GUI apps

Command line applications are great, and can easily be automated and scheduled using standard interfaces. Some people prefer graphical tools however to help visualise the scenarios and options for their data moving tasks.

Cyberduck is a graphical tool for moving data. It supports a host of storage protocols We’ll be using SFTP to create a connection to our instance and move copy some data there and back.

Cyberduck is one of many options for graphical data moving tools. Other popular options include FileZilla (cross platform) and WinSCP

When you open Cyberduck you just click the Open Connection button. In the Open Connection dialog you fill in the relevant details. Select SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). Enter your host IP address as Server (the ip address of your instance). Enter the Username you use to enter your instance. Select the SSH Private Key that you use to access your instance (you may have to browse for is using the Choose… button). Click Connect.

Cyberduck connection dialog

We’ll let you work out how to Double click, or Drag-and-drop files, Create remote directories, Upload files, Save/Reuse session data and Disconnect for yourself on your particular platform.