Deploying a Slurm Workload Manager cluster


Through completing this tutorial, learners will deploy a Slurm Workload Manager with ElastiCluster on the NeCTAR cloud.

ElastiCluster is an open-source tool to create and manage compute clusters on cloud infrastructures. The project was originally created by the Grid Computing Competence Center from the University of Zurich. The Nectar cloud team maintains our own ElastiCluster which was forked from the official source code to meet our requirements.

Slurm is used for even compute resource distribution between users. As a user, you can submit jobs with specific resources requests through Slurm.

What you’ll learn

  • How to install Python development tools and how to create and use a python virtual environment.
  • How to configure ElastiCluster.
  • How to use ElastiCluster to deploy a slurm cluster.
  • How to list information about the cluster, grow the cluster and terminate the cluster.

What you’ll need

  • A running Nectar instance
  • Terminal Software