Manage Database Users

In this section, we are going to manage database users.

Create a new database user

  1. Navigate to the Project / Database / Instances page. Database instance list page
  2. Click your tutorial instance and select the Users tab. Database users page
  3. Click the Create User button.
  4. In the Create User dialog, enter tutorial in the Name field and a strong password in the Password field. Enter tutorial in the Initial Database field. Create user dialog
  5. Click the Create User button.
  6. You should see the tutorial user listed. User tab list page

Edit Database User

We have a new database user tutorial. In this exercise, we are going to rename the user to tutorial_renamed and change the password.

  1. Click the Edit User from the actions list of user tutorial.
  2. In the Edit User dialog, enter tutorial_renamed in the New Name field and a new strong password in the New Password field. Edit  user dialog
  3. Click Apply Changes button. The password has been updated and you will see that the username has been changed to tutorial_renamed. User tab list page with renamed user