AARNet CloudStor

Mount CloudStor in VM

You have a CloudStor account and you have generated an App Password to access it from your Nectar instance. The steps below show you how to use the cloudstor-setup command provided by Nectar.

  1. SSH to your Nectar virtual machine via your preferred terminal software. If you’re not familiar with this, we have some other tutorials for you.

  2. Start the CloudStor setup by typing cloudstor-setup at the command prompt.

    $ cloudstor-setup

    The cloudstor-setup command will re-emphasise using App Passwords to you.

  3. By default the cloudstor-setup command will prompt you for your CloudStor username and password. Follow the prompts and paste in the username and password you generated in the previous section. You should see some output similar to this:

    $ cloudstor-setup
    This command guides you through the process of mounting your AARNet CloudStor 
    storage to your Nectar instance.
    To mount your CloudStor storage, you will be prompted for a username and 
    password. You can generate specific use 'app passwords' from the security 
    settings of your CloudStor account here:
    PLEASE NOTE: If you snapshot this instance and share it, your CloudStor 
    app password may be exposed though the configuration file /etc/davfs2/secrets.
    For more information, please see the CloudStor setup article at: 
    Press [ENTER] to continue or Ctrl+C to exit.
    Username: wile.c@acme.edu.au
    App password:
    Testing your CloudStor credentials... OK
    Mounting CloudStor storage... done
    Your CloudStor account has been mounted to /cloudstor
  4. You should now be able to work with your CloudStor data at /cloudstor on your virtual machine. You can use the df command to verify, similar to.:

    $ df -h
    Filesystem                                  Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    https://cloudstor....us/remote.php/webdav/  1.1T   11G  1.0T   2% /cloudstor

The cloudstor-setup command can uninstall your mounted connection for you too. Use the -h argument for more information, e.g.

$ cloudstor-setup -h

The command cloudstor-setup is available on Nectar official images, build after 10/10/2018. Under the hood the cloudstor-setup command uses software called davfs2 to connect to your AARNet CloudStor account.